Special Service


We have been serving the needs of San Diego County’s drug reps for nearly 20 years. Our knowledge of medical facilities and doctors’ offices in the county is unbeatable. We provide our reps with the highest quality, on-time breakfast, lunches, afternoon snacks, dinners and whatever other needs they might have, at prices that can fit any budget. We can prepare any type of food that you can imagine, whether or not you see it listed on this site.

We keep the drugs rep’s credit card number on file in our safe, for easy payment every order. The rep will receive both an itemized receipt and a credit card receipt upon delivery of each order, or, if preferred, the receipts will be mailed to the rep’s home.

And, us bonus for our loyal drug rep’s, Giovanni’s will rewards each rep with gift cards from either Starbuk’s, Home Depot, or Target for up to 5% of the amount spent at Giovanni’s each quarter.

Please email our Pharmaceutical representative liaison:
Howard at howard.giovannis@gmail.com | GiovannisSD@gmail.com for more information about drug rep catering.

With 24 hours we can cater any event in San Diego County.